This site is fucking brilliant. It's mostly girls stuff, but this is stuff you're not going to find in your average H&M or Urban Outfitters. Not to mention, it's not quite as expensive! Though all items are in British pounds, everything from Kanye West style "sunnies" and ice cream cone earrings are items that you'll be swiping your Visa for in NO TIME.

Shutter Shades, 6 pounds

Seaside Stripes Party Frock, 49 pounds

Summer Showers Umbrealla Broaches, 12 pounds


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// MAY 2008


Brittney Townson is a 21 year graphic designer from Toronto, Canada

Tell us a bit about yourself and your city.

My name is Brittney Townson, and I was born in Toronto. My family and I moved to Mississauga when my mom was expecting my little brother. My grandfather was an artist, and I think that's where I get my creativity from. I just graduated from George Brown College for graphic design, and currently am designing posters for Toronto's Dopplehertz events. Ever since I was little, I had tons of clothes and changed my outfit 30 times a day. I've always been interested in odd fashion, but classic fashion as well. I think a mixture of old and new, strange and classic is essential to creating a well-rounded wardrobe.

Describe your style and its influences.

I don't think I have a style at all. I have such an array of all types of clothing in my closet; as mentioned before, I just appreciate having a mixture of classic key pieces with weird garments thrown in.

I've very influenced by mgm films from the 40's and 50's, as well as street fashion blogs from all over the world. i'm also influenced by my golden rule: wear what ever the fuck you want. who cares if it doesn't "match", it probably looks better unmatched anyways.

What is a personal fashion rule you never break?

I keep everything very simple and clean. Not too many accessories, but when I choose to wear a hat, or a necklace, or bracelets etc, I make it the key piece that my outfit builds around. Also, leggings + running shoes = no no. I only wear ballet flats or heels with leggings, otherwise you look like a bus driver/soccer mom. Flared jeans; so out. Bellbottoms, yes. Straight leg, yes. Combination of the both? No.
I'm also over those over-sized t-shirts with big letters with some stupid message; yawn. That should've been left in 1992.

Favorite designers and places to shop?

My guilty pleasure is cheap clothes, period. I don't have any designer clothes really, and I don't have much of an interest to ever own any. There are some designers though; Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney... I would definitely purchase a garb from them. But like I said, the cheaper, the sweeter. Value Village, by the pounds, Black Market, Salvation Army... and my friends closets! I've also been handed down clothing that belonged to my mom, my grandma and my great aunt Rose; clothes were made so much better back then.

What is your most cherished item?

I do love my faux leather jacket from H&M, only because it's classic and it looks good with everything I own. I get really attached to shoes though. I have a lot of shoes that I all cherish equally. I also have a lot of vintage dresses that I love, because literally all you have to do is slip it on and you're ready to go.

Favorite color(s) of the moment:

I've always loved red, black, grey... though right now I'm really loving browns, golds, yellows, tans...

Do you feel fashion repeats itself? What do you think is the latest trend to appear/reappear, and what are your thoughts on it?

Of course fashion repeats itself, only because there are only so many things that work with the human body, you know? The shape of clothing, the lengths, the materials... it will always be the same, just tweaked for whatever happens to be "in". Lately there's been the huge return of 80's with a vengeance; neon colours, stone wash jeans, high waists, bright coloured sunglasses, etc. But the 50's and 60's are alive and well in mens tailoring lately; tight, cuffed jeans, leather loafers, deep neck cardigans, solid coloured tshirts... men are hot lately.

What do you use for fragrance / skincare?

I have been wearing Clinic Happy To Be. It's very clean and summery. Skincare, I have been using a mixture of St. Ives apricot facial scrub, and a few other little products from Burts Bees.

What is the most underrated item in menswear / womenswear?

Men's cartigans, vests, hats from the 50's and 60's are so underrated, and should be worn by every man ever. Not to mention bandanas can be used for other fashion statements besides tieing it around your head like you're fucking rambo.

Women should stop showing so much fucking skin. A nice long dress or a high collared shirt with a bow or a sash looks amazing on any body type.

What's on your IPOD / bookshelf / DVD player at the moment?

I haven't used my ipod since second year of college. I just listen on my mac... I have been listening to a lot of Depeche Mode, Cure, Shout Out Louds, MGMT, Sloan... same old.

On my bookshelf, I have a few books I've been flipping through. I recently found a book in someone's garbage. It was published in the 50's, and is a huge book on proper etiquette for every possible situation you can imagine. It's just so ridiculous. And for my birthday, my friend Gabor bought me a book that has a million new-wave band album covers; it's one of the best books I own.

I haven't watched many movies lately, but my boyfriend and I rented Eurotrip last night to get him well educated for his trip to England in a few weeks, haha.
What is your personal favorite outfit on you?

As of late, my favorite outfit has been my red tube top dress from come chinese market, my black cardigan from urban outfitters, my red/white bandana from value village, with black leggings and my black knee-high suede boots that I found in my boyfriends garage. That all, and my faux black ray-bans to finish it off.

What would you say to someone seeking general fashion advice?

Wear what ever makes you feel like million bucks.